Wrap n Roll Pipe Cleaner


Pipe Cleaner for Locs & Curl

1 pack contains 50 pcs

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Product Length: 12in.

After washing, or wetting your hair, apply a setting lotion, or loc and twist get to your hair.  You can wrap a number of hairs on one pipe cleaner.  On the picture shown below, I wrapped 4 locs at a time on each pipe cleaner.  Wrap your locs around the pipe cleaner then bend over the top edge of the pipe cleaner to “lock” it down.

When your hair dries, simply lift up the end of the pipe cleaner (unlock it), grab your loop, and pull straight out.  Your curls will be tight and you can separate the curls and wear them tight, run your fingers through them to stretch and loosen them, or create a pinned, curly style.

*Source: http://www.inspiredlocs.com/styling-locs-how-tos.html

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